L’AIP2 Canada est formée d’une équipe de passionné(e)s de la participation publique qui travaillent à temps partiel à travers le Canada (Colombie-Britannique, Alberta, Manitoba, Québec) et au Minnesota. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter!

Pour toute question générale, veuillez contacter info@iap2canada.ca.

Adresse postale :
1491 Winslow Dr.
Sooke, BC V9Z 1B2 CANADA

AMELIA SHAW - Directrice générale / Executive Manager

Courriel : amelia@iap2canada.ca

(en anglais) Amelia is well known to many in the IAP2 family, having been the past interim Executive Director for the IAP2 Federation, a past International Board director, past president of IAP2 Canada and now a licensed IAP2 Trainer. She has been a leader in IAP2 for many years and has many IAP2 achievements including being a Core Value Awards winner.

Outside of her work with IAP2 Amelia is a consultation strategist, practitioner and IAF certified facilitator. Over the past nineteen years Amelia has been successfully involved in the development of significant policies, projects and plans: from strategic design, to initiating and facilitating inclusive processes; and implementation. Her ultimate goal with any project is to find an innovative approach that supports both community and organizational values and objectives that leads to helpful deliverables and a positive outcome. Organizations might hold the pen or shovel, but everyone will live with and help fund the outcome – people must be involved. Her proudest accomplishments are her three daughters.


ANNE HARDING - Développement stratégique / Strategic Development

Courriel : anne@iap2canada.ca

(en anglais) Anne is one of IAP2 Canada’s biggest fans, having been involved with the association as a member and volunteer for over a decade. Through her work with ASC, Anne now supports IAP2 Canada on a contract basis with a focus on strategic initiatives and programming. This means that she is the primary staff support for the IAP2 Canada Board and oversees implementation and performance of IAP2 Canada’s Strategic Plan. She also supports IAP2 Canada’s Strategic Relationships and represents the Canadian Region on IAP2’s Global Practice Development Committee.

Anne also has a deep passion for Indigenous inclusion and reconciliation, which she lives out through her consulting practice at Forum Community Relations and her volunteer work in Community Engagement for the Indigenous Gathering Place Society of Calgary. Anne also brings this passion to her work with IAP2 Canada as the Coordinator of the Indigenous Awareness for IAP2 Canada Leaders program and the Indigenous Engagement Community of Practice.

Anne has a Master of Arts in Corporate-Aboriginal Relations and holds a Certified Public Participation Professional (CP3) designation through IAP2 Canada. She is also the winner of a P2 for the Greater Good Core Values Award and volunteers as a Mentor and Core Values Award judge.


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RAPHAËLLE AUBIN - Coordonnatrice des services pour les membres francophones et Agente de soutien aux communications

Courriel : raphaelle@iap2canada.ca

Basée à Montréal, Raphaëlle Aubin possède une Maîtrise en urbanisme de McGill University et une Maîtrise en histoire de l’art de l’University of Leeds avec un grand intérêt dans l’engagement communautaire et la pédagogie. Elle oeuvre à titre de directrice, chercheure et graphiste pour Bricolage urbain—organisme bilingue dédié à la création d’outils pédagogiques sur l’urbanisme. Ses clients incluent entre autres : l’Office de consultation publique de Montréal – OCPM, la Ville de Mont Saint-Hilaire et la Ville de Laval. Ses intérêts sont divers : elle a été chercheure à l’OCPM pour lequel elle a rédigé des rapports sur des exemples d’outils participatifs et de 2016-19, elle a travaillé comme chargée des communications pour la compagnie de théâtre documentaire Porte Parole qui a créé J’aime Hydro. Elle a été aussi membre du conseil d’administration d’Ateliers créatifs (2011-13) et de Fait à Montréal / Made in Montreal (2013-18) et coorganisatrice de M60 : le festival de films de 60 secondes (2010-13). Bilingue, elle s’intéresse aux communications, à l’éducation et à la vulgarisation d’informations d’enjeux urbanistiques afin de mieux soutenir les activités de participation publique. 

DREW SNIDER - Communications

Courriel : drew@iap2canada.ca

Drew est responsable des communications à l’AIP2 Canada où il développe divers outils de communications, comme les infolettres, les courriels aux membres et le contenu sur le site Web de l’AIP2 Canada. Il réalise et anime le Gala annuel des Prix d’excellence en participation publique de l’AIP2 Canada (et IAP2 USA).  En dehors de l’AIP2, il offre des cours en formation des médias avec WWP Crisis Communications et travaillait autrefois comme représentant aux médias à TransLink, l’agence du transport en commun dans la région de Vancouver. Drew a plus de 25 ans d’expérience comme animateur à la radio et à la télé, et comme annonceur à plusieurs événements sportifs, surtout quand un annonceur bilingue est requis, tels que la Coupe féminine du monde FIFA 2015 et le tournoi junior de l’FIHG 2019. En 2019, il a lancé un livre électronique, “God at Work” (“Des Travaux du Seigneur”) qui traite de ses expériences comme ministre dans le Downtown East Side de Vancouver.

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TIFFANY SKORMO - Administration et formation / Administration and Training

Courriel : tiffany@iap2canada.ca

(en anglais) Tiffany first joined IAP2 in 2007, establishing herself as a leader of change, providing strong analytical thinking and collaborating with various stakeholders to build relationships. A founding member of IAP2 Canada, she was on its Board in various roles, including Vice President. She also helped to establish the Prairies Chapter, volunteering on the North American Conference Committee and presenting at conferences. Tiffany worked a lot behind the scenes before ASC came on board, so is thrilled to be back to help IAP2 Canada grow and implement its initiatives.

Tiffany enjoys spending as much time as she can in nature, living at the lake while foraging for food and drinking wine. She has Bachelor degrees in both Science and Commerce. More recently she has become a 200 hour registered yoga teacher, regularly practicing and teaching.


ANITA WASIUTA - Coordonnatrice - bénévoles / Volunteer Coordinator

Courriel : anita@iap2canada.ca

(en anglais) Anita has always been passionate about community, volunteering and seeking out other points of view. She blended these passions together and joined ASC as the volunteer engagement coordinator and has taken on other roles including herding the various components of the brand graphics. She was honoured to be the recipient of the CPRS Shield of Public Service award for distinguished and dedicated public service. Her most rewarding engagement was transforming a retired transit bus into a mobile public engagement vehicle that was successfully used for long range planning in several B.C. communities. Her ongoing work includes marketing, communications, food security, mentoring young leaders, and Foundation work. And she enjoys the expanse of all things yarn and fibre.

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LEANA MODONESE - Comptabilité / Accounting

(en anglais) Leana has her Accounting Certificate and Diploma in Management Studies. She has also finished 4 levels of her CGA and is currently continuing her studies at Thompson Rivers University. She has held various positions in different industries all with accounting and finance as her focus. Before moving to Europe, she was the Head Accountant for a national travel agency chain with 240 branches across Canada. While in Europe, Leana deviated from her accounting to career to pursue another passion of hers, teaching. After moving back to Canada, she continued in the education field for a non-for profit and currently works at the YWCA Metro Vancouver in the Finance department.

Outside of work, Leana enjoys spending time with her dog and friends and sometimes even together. She also has many interests: travelling, languages, music, movies, books and food to name a few.

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